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Ten years without daylight. Everything they knew was a lie. A society of children in the ancient far north live underground – and their lives are about to change.

Woven into dreams and secrets lies a hidden prophecy – their quest for freedom comes at a staggering cost. Worse, three children are fated for the Hringur, a leadership ring required to reclaim their homeland. The problem is, no one wants to be in it.

An intelligent boy with not enough on his mind, Anders makes stunning mistakes as he is bedeviled by dreams of his missing father and the unwelcome news that he might have something called natural leadership. As his level-headed sister Sissel works to solve a mystery, her determination flares into daring acts of courage as they uncover shocking truths behind the prophecy.

Runes, myths, and legends collide as Anders and Sissel find themselves facing the evil that once ruined their land. They will risk everything – but even the sagas cannot help them now.

• Cover by Flip City Books
• Illustrations by Patricia Vazquez
• Fonts: Viking by Peter Rempel, Scurlock by Scriptorium and Gondola SD by Steve Deffeyes
• Website: Michael Knudsen, PopBytesMedia.com
• Author Contact: Alexander Ali, The Society Group, 310.991.6368