Go Underground - The Howling Of Wind Go Underground - The Howling Of Wind

Go Underground

  • Characters

Anders – an inventive boy with not enough on his mind, he takes stunning chances as he is bedeviled by dreams of his father and the unwelcome news that he might have something called natural leadership. He must find it within himself to take a journey not of his own choosing.


Sissel – Anders’ level-headed sister questions their place and their origins, then she works to solve a mystery amid the shocking truths behind a village prophecy. What else were lies?


Fellow cavern dwellers – Tomas, Erik, Ana, Garen, Ulle, Brita, Mara, Lisbet, Tyr, Geyorg. All live with dreams and sorrow, and wonder about another life.

Idin – Mother Elder, full of secrets.

The Mothers – only four, all alone.

Komsa – a mouse to hide.

Lost children – Nils, Lili, Hilda, Thore, and Sigurd.

The Fathers – what happened to them?

  • The Caverns – underground dwelling made of miles of tunnels and large stony rooms. Created by the roots of Yggdrasil and sustained by the light and warmth of crystals mined in the cavern veins.
  • Yggdrasil – the World Tree.